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Doc AD Vizemint Ministries

Know ye not that ye are the temple of GOD, and the Spirit of GOD dwelleth in you.


Life Empowerment Institute

Providing christian-based, clinically sound spiritual counseling so that teens and young adults experience the recovery of their minds and soul. 

The Elizabeth A. Martin Empowerment Center

Matthew 7:8

"For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened."

All is NEVER lost. The fact that your reading this now means you still have hope.

Parents First Believe That.....IT'S POSSIBLE

Help For Single Moms and both Parents

Parents are overwhelmed these days expected to be all things to their children. What if you could have someone coach your child to rise above his or her challenges?

A life empowerment coach allows young adults to continue in their daily lives while starting to change their attitude and communication abilities. Their desire for success grows and...they embrace the possibilities of finding their own place in the world.

This can be done at home, in a dorm room or in their own apartment.

We provide Life Coaching services in person, phone, text, skype, or other forms of media. Book one of our Motivational Speakers for your next event. Juanel Sippio,MS, MEd specializes in working with minority youth, and young adults. Contact:(781) 436.2238, Wellifeology.com. LIVE * LEARN * EXCEL
  Help For Teens & Young Adults

If you are a teen or young adult reading this,

I'm guessing your parents asked you to check it out. How is this different from talk therapy or taking meds or being forced into a six week "magic camp"?

Life empowerment coaching is all about you.

It will help you create a successful path for yourself, it will help you avoid dead ends and give you … the one thing that all the praise in the world can't give you, a pride that is self-earned.

How do you get this?

You earn this in small day-to-day successes which make sense to you. Successes that are hard to explain to someone on the outside but that you and your life coach "get". From there, we can build anything! It can be as little as three five-minute daily exercises or you can start with three 30 minute exercises or anything in between. You call the shots.

What else?

We listen. We let you lead but with guidance free of judgment. We are not as concerned about the outcome as the journey. We embrace messing up because messing up is where your greatness will come from (once you learn how to use it) and we will always be straight with you. You deserve that.

If this interests you, read some of the articles that you think might give you an idea of what we do and set up a time to talk for 15 minutes or so. If you don't like it then, no harm no foul, if you do, we'll take it one session at a time.


Doc AD Vizemint Ministries methodology is based from 20 plus years of our work counseling troubled teens and unmotivated millennials,

helping young people rise above issues such as:

  • teen anxiety
  • anxiety in young adults
  • teen depression
  • pot addiction
  • college and careers
  • and much more

We work world-wide through Skype.

For more information contact us through       our contact button below.

Teenage years can be challenging for teens and for parents. Puberty brings hormonal changes, doubts and uncertainty. Often teens are hesitant to talk to their parents about certain matters for fear of being judged.
Bullying in schools is just as prevalent now as it was 20 years ago. Why does it seem to receive so little attention? The devastation that this causes to its victims is life changing.

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