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Sgt Safety's Daily Weather Advisory

(Monitoring weather for Austin, Houston, and Prairie View TX)

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Weather & Emergency Preparedness Ministry

Emergency Preparedness:
  • Do You Know What to Do During a Weather Emergency?
  • Daily routines can be disrupted with little or no warning by a catastrophic weather event, and help        might not always be available. Emergency preparedness is key.

We offer some safety tips specific to each of the following emergencies:

  • Earthquake
  •   Flood
  •   Hurricane
  • Tornado

When you face a weather-related emergency, try to stay informed through radio, TV or the Internet. In some cases, however, cable, electric and cell phone service can be knocked out, making communication nearly impossible. The National Safety Council recommends the following general precautions that apply to many disaster situations:

  • Have an emergency kit in your car and at least three days of food and water at home
  • Be sure to store all important documents – birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.  in a fire-               proof safe or safety deposit box
  •  Assign one family member the responsibility of learning first aid and CPR
  •  Know how to shut off utilities

Weather Blogs

Check your Texas highways before you leave. From Texas Department of Transportation.

TxDOT is committed to your safety and to the reliability of the information contained on this site. While road conditions can change rapidly.

Contact TxDOT at 1-800-452-9292.  

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