(1 Corinthians 3:16)

Doc AD Vizemint Ministries

Know ye not that ye are the temple of GOD, and the Spirit of GOD dwelleth in you.

Church Announcements and Bulletin: What a Beautiful Day the Lord has made. Let's not forget Bible Study every Wednesday 8 PM. PRAYER WARRIORs please pray for Sis Valencia, Bro Carter, Sis Zellma Miller, Bro Harlem Wallace, Bro Charles Gooden, Bro King, Bro Darreyl Sippio, and all Military, Public Safety personnel. Please join our spiritual chat room sundays from 11A-1P, http://docadvm.chatovod.com. Go out and do something good for someone. *LIVE*LEARN*EXCEL*


Sunday School Invocation

Adult Sunday School 

Sunday School Closing Prayer

Morning Worship Opening Prayer

Kirk Franklin - Give Me (feat. Mali Music) (Hello Fear Album) New R&B Gospel 2011

Today's Topic is "No More Excuses", our speaker is Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen 2016 - #No More Excuses


Kirk Franklin - Wanna Be Happy




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